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Argyll is the UK's largest service provider of wireless and mobile location based solutions. The company monitors in excess of 17,000 lone workers exposed to daily health and/or safety risks from a 24/7/365 managed operations, communications and data centre with integrated legally compliant voice recording, Emergency Services and sustainable IT resilience.

Solutions are designed specifically to support the Duty of Care and current Health & Safety legislation and are available for the purposes of discreet location management; time based risk management and management of lone workers' personal risk exposure for general health, safety and wellbeing.

If you are an employer of lone workers, our services aid compliance with Health & Safety regulations. We provide a range of services and specialised devices that provide care and safety solutions customised to your needs.

There are two key decisions: which service level to use and which device suits your needs. Our website provides detailed information on each of our service levels and purpose-made devices.

Getting started
If you are a business user, please explore the information available on this site. We recommend that you start by viewing the information regarding our service principles, before moving onto the individual services and devices page.

Argyll also provide services for private individuals and carers, allowing you to provide round-the-clock safety monitoring for those in your care. Please click here to contact us directly and find out more about our FamilyBubble safety monitoring solutions.



Latest news
> Argyll joins forces with Orange to harness technology in the workplace

> Cornwall Trading Standards adopt IdentiCare from Argyll



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